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Nathan Tuggy, Computer Tech

Welcome, from Nathan Tuggy, Computer Tech

I am a computer programmer, database administrator, and part-time technical support man. Seven years of experience writing programs, first for my own use, now commercially, has given me a depth of experience you won't find in the typical young programmer, fresh out of college. In addition, my careful emphasis on following best practices maximizes the quality of the code I write.
My current specialties include Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic.NET, and a number of scripting languages such as PowerShell, VBScript, and EcmaScript (also known as JavaScript).

Because of my interest in scripting languages, I tend to create large numbers of small tools, only a few of which are worthy of note. But those that are worthwhile are collected on my downloads page, along with brief descriptions of the tools, and, if necessary, instructions on how to use them. (Most of my paid work is on a contractual basis, and as such, I do not release it publically.)

I live in Central California. I currently provide integrations between various third-party software packages, mostly in the mobile resource-management space, and recently attended a liberal arts college to extend and enrich my grasp of other technologies. I am actively learning web development and functional programming in particular, to further expand my expertise.

Examine my full résumé, scan my LinkedIn profile, request references by email at nathan@tuggycomputer.com or call me at (559) 862-1227. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.