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Privacy Policy

The bolded headers summarize our privacy policy.

We Do Not Collect Much Data

We collect very little data. Specifically, we automatically log your computer's IP address, OS information, and browser version. If you choose to contact us on our form, we also collect your email address and name.

We Do Not Give Your Data Away to Anyone

We will not sell, rent, lease, lend, trade, or give your personal data away to any other entity. Our web host protects the logs, and we protect any email addresses you provide us.

There are two exceptions: law enforcement and other legal processes may require us to give up personal data, or we may choose to give up personal data if we have the good faith belief that public safety is endangered by our preservation of its secrecy.

We Store Your Data Carefully

We protect your data with better-than-standard practices, so that no one can steal it.

We Let You Correct Your Data

If you send an email to privacy@tuggycomputer.com asking to correct your data, we will allow you to do so, after verifying your identity.

For Further Information

If you have additional questions or wish to contact us directly, please email us at privacy@tuggycomputer.com.