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Calendar Log Sheet

In order to keep track of egg production on our homestead, I wanted a calendar that would show me the entire year on a single page (11 x 8.5 inches), giving me space to write one or two digits for each day of the year. Since I couldn’t find anything like that, I designed a database in Microsoft Access that will print out such a calendar for me using a starting month I specify. Now you can use it, too, for any purpose: e.g., days you jogged and how many miles you jogged, days you had a migraine, etc. You will be amazed at the patterns that appear. You state the purpose in the title you give your calendar, and print out as many different calendars as you need. This solution is offered free of charge. You can download the file here.

Global Address Master™

Have you ever printed out labels of your contacts in Microsoft Outlook? If so, you had to go through a rigmarole to get the contacts into Microsoft Word, then use a complicated Merge process to print out the labels. I’ve created a database in Microsoft Access called Global Address Master™ that keeps a set of contact records synchronized with those in Outlook, and allows you to select and print out labels quickly and easily. Or perhaps you wanted to send out a mailing that is composed partly of printed labels and partly of e-mails. Global Address Master™ also automates the process of sending paper mail to contacts that want paper mail, and e-mail to those that want e-mail.

Do you use multiple applications or datasets to track contact information? Have you ever wanted to enter new information for a contact in one place and have that new information propagated to all the datasets in your office, avoiding duplication, confusion and frustration? At the very least, you should be able to synchronize a contact that appears twice in Outlook, e.g. under Personal Folders\Contacts and Business Contact Manager\Business Contacts. Global Address Master™ already does this for Outlook, and is customizable to synchronize all your datasets. Other datasets I have synchronized include ACCPAC (with comma-separated value [CSV] files), MyMailList, and UPS Address Book. I will be happy to perform such customizations for you.

Have you ever wanted a contact management database that went beyond first, middle and last names to more international naming conventions? Global Address Master™ gives you first and second names and first and second surnames (i.e., two “last names”). Have you ever wanted a database that could parse more addresses than just the city, state and zip kind? Global Address Master™ already correctly parses many international addresses, and further improvements are under construction.

To get started, read the download instructions, then download Global Address Master™ with or without the runtime. Then read the startup instructions. Please consider sending a contribution if the program meets your needs.