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A Word from Database Architect Ed Tuggy

As a database programming consultant in California’s Central Valley, my contribution is to think clearly and define terms carefully, and then, based on that foundation, to design databases and write programs that make computers better serve the needs of businesses, from water agencies, to fleets of trucks, to ag labor contractors, to nonprofits, for example. One of my water agency customers needed a Y2K upgrade, but I ended up being required to understand the vastly complex set of rules they follow so I could rewrite the code. Since that time, I’ve integrated the core component of their accounting with more and more of the functions they formerly performed using Excel; this has eliminated much duplicate data entry and calculation time, allowing the project to cover much of the agency’s entire operation.

Beginning in 1999, the technology I’ve mastered best is Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications, which I’ve used to make Access do whatever my customer needed and even go beyond what Access was designed to do. For example, Access reports don’t provide for any section that will appear just above the page footer on the last page of a report, but I created such a section. I’ve also completed projects in Visual Basic 2008 with Microsoft SQL Server, and am expanding my skill set into Visual Web Developer 2008.

I’m proud to refer you to my two sons, Stephen and Nathan, who are also operating their own programming businesses.